Audubon Zoo Celebrate Unconventional Groundhog Day

Audubon Zoo Celebrate

Unconventional Groundhog Day

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: February 2, 2023 11:10 pm

As America celebrated groundhog day and waited with bated breath to see if spring would come early or winter would drag on, something strange was going on at Audubon Zoo. Instead of the traditional burrowing rodent the Audubon Zoo saw an ''earth pig'' or aardvark emerge from her burrow to protect the weather.

Leia the aardvark is an educational ambassador at Audubon Zoo and was happy to step in and help with the weather prediction.

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While typically nocturnal Leia appeared happy to pop out and assist with the weather prediction. After understanding the assignment perfectly and taking some time to weigh her options Leia blessed New Orleans with the prediction of an early spring this year.

This is Leia's first attempt at forecasting weather so we will wait and see how successful she is.


More about the Aardvark!

So what is the ''earth pig'' and where can you find them? Find out with our fact file.

Our Favourite Aardvark Fact!

The long snout of the aardvark holds their long tongue which can be extended to grab the ants and termites which form the majority of their diet. These are swallowed whole and then ground up in their stomach.

Image: Audubon Zoo

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