Australia Zoo Treat Intentionally Harmed Animals

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Date: April 2, 2022 11:15 pm

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Shooting Victims

The eastern massasauga rattlesnake hatchlings at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo are treating three animals which all arrived for different injuries but upon examination were found to have pellets from an air rifle lodged in their body.

A common brushtail possum, a lace monitor and an osprey all arrived at the hospital for treatment. On examination all three were found to have a pellet lodged in their body. Luckily they are receiving treatment for their injuries.

Bonnie the common brushtail possum initially presented to the wildlife hospital with a skin infection and an injury to her eye. Following an X-ray the pellets were found. They also found a joey which has been named Jella.

“Our team at the Wildlife Hospital was devastated to discover three lodged pellets, one of which was completely shattered around the bone,” said Dr. Ludo, Wildlife Veterinarian and Supervisor at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. 

The experts at the wildlife hospital are providing pain relief and antibiotics to help her recover.

“Bonnie and her joey Jella are rehabilitating in the Wildlife Hospital’s ICU, and we hope that they are back in the wild upon a full recovery,” Dr. Ludo said. 

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A day after Bonnie arrived Cruiser the lace monitor was admitted after he was hit by a car. As if this was not enough harm he was also found to have air rifle pellets in his body. His health has improved dramatically since he arrived and he remains in care at the hospital.

“The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital increasingly treats patients who have been injured from unintentional human causes such as being hit by a car or attacked by a domestic pet. It is then extremely saddening to admit patients like Bonnie and Cruiser who were intentionally harmed in the wild, where they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves,” Dr. Ludo said. 

Following Cruiser in to the hospital was Dino, an osprey who was admitted with a lodged pellet and neurological trauma. Sadly, due to the severity of Dino’s injuries, he was humanely euthanized. 

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors have partnered with Crime Stoppers Queensland to identify information which can allow for a prosecution of those responsible for these illegal acts against wildlife. 

“It is up to all of us to protect native wildlife and bring justice to animals who are wrongfully injured by humans, just like Bonnie, Cruiser and Dino. We hope that those with information about criminal activity against wild animals can help us create an extra layer of protection, by contacting Crime Stoppers Queensland,” said Terri Irwin, Founder of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Shooting Victims

The eastern massasauga rattlesnake hatchlings at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo

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