Baby Bongo Boom at Belfast Zoo

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Date: April 1, 2022 11:41 pm

Bongo Calf Belfast Zoo

The baby bongos are seen at the Belfast Zoo

Photo Credit: Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo are celebrating a baby bongo boom with two calves born just weeks apart from each other as part of the zoo's conservation program for the species.

Commenting on the double birth, Zoo Curator Raymond Robinson said, “ We are thrilled to hear the pitter patter of several baby bongo hooves in the paddock. Both mothers, Kibibi and Surali, are experienced and doing a great job of taking care of the calves."

Several baby bongos have been born in recent years at Belfast Zoo and have been moved to zoos across the country and around the world.

The bongos are among the many baby animals at the Irish attraction as Raymond explained, "We hope visitors will enjoy seeing all of our recent additions including bongo calves, coppery titi monkey baby and Western lowland gorilla infant as we commence our summer season as the zoo.”

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The new arrivals are currently being given time to bond with their mothers and the rest of the herd. As a result keepers have been unable to determine their gender.

They can be seen at the zoo alongside their siblings,  Jumapili, Pasaka and Nollaig.

Eastern bongo are native to Africa where their numbers are thought to have dropped as low as 200. Their stripy red coat provides extra camouflage when they move through the forest. They are notable for their long spiral horns.

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Bongo Calf Belfast Zoo

A baby bongo sits with its mother at the Belfast Zoo

Photo Credit: Belfast Zoo

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