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Date: April 7, 2022 12:42 am

Cheetah Cubs Monarto Safari Park

A six week old cheetah cub explores the outside world under the watchful eye of mother Kaesho at Monarto Safari Park

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Carnivore keepers at Monarto Safari Park got their first glimpses of the six week old cheetah cubs born to mother Kesho as part of their breeding program for the species. They were spotted playing outside in the sunshine this week under the watchful eye of mom.

The cubs have been becoming more active since three weeks of age making short trips outside of their den.

Kesho is an attentive mother which is good for the cubs but has meant keepers have a hard time getting photos while they are outside of the den.

Keeper Michelle Lloyd said that was why it was so exciting for the team to get some top shots this week.

“Kesho has been a really fantastic mum and she has been very attentive to her little ones,” she said. They cubs have started to explore and play together out in the yard close to the den.

“We’ve been monitoring the family closely and they are happy and healthy. However, Kesho certainly was camera shy moving the cubs out of view of the den camera! They are also hard to spot outside as they camouflage with their surroundings so it’s really great to get some lovely photos to share!”

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The cubs will make their exhibit debut once they are three or four months old.

The IUCN red list classify the cheetah as vulnerable to extinction. Only 6,000 individuals are believed to remain in the wild. They have been impacted by habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade.

Zoos SA supports the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), who do amazing work on the ground to ensure the survival of the species the wild. Zoos SA's keeper Michelle is also one of the directors on the board for Cheetah Conservation Fund Australia, a chapter for CCF.

You can help cheetahs by adopting one of the residents at Monarto Safari Park or a a wild cheetah through CCFA.

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Cheetah Cubs Monarto Safari Park

A six week old cheetah cub explores the outside world at Monarto Safari Park

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

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