Deadly Snakes Slither in at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo


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July 22, 2023 8:11 pm


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo have welcomed four deadly new residents to their latest exhibit, the shake shack. Beryl and Ethel, two female northern death adders, join Jimbo and Chilli a male eastern tiger snake duo as the newest residents at the Darling Harbour attraction.

The new habitat, the snake shack shows off some of Australia's most venomous snakes. Joining the four new arrivals is long-term resident of the zoo, Kevin, an eastern brown snake.

Emily Partridge, Venomous Snake Keeper, said, “The five snakes are an incredible representation of some of the world’s most venomous snakes, showcasing the amazing diversity of species which are native to Australia. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is home to an array of reptiles ranging from pythons to dragons, monitors and skinks. But by far the most respected are the elapids (venomous snakes).


“It’s not your average day in the office, working alongside some of the world’s most revered snakes and we need to ensure we follow stringent safety protocols in this job, but for the most part they are keen to avoid us! My top safety tip if you ever come across a dangerous snake in the wild, is to leave the snake alone. It’s very unusual for snakes to bite unless provoked – so we need to respect when we’re in their homes.”

Snake Shack at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo
Snake Shack at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Left: Keeper Emily Partridge carefully removes Kevin, the eastern brown snake from his enclosure at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Right: The enclosure for northern death adder within the new snake shack habitat. Images: © WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

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Image: © WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

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