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The green jumping spider is the largest species of jumping spider to call Australia home. They reach a total length of between 1.2 and 1.8cm (0.5-0.7in) long. Females tend to be slightly larger than the males.

Despite this small size they are still Australia's largest species of jumping spider.

Females and males differ slightly in their appearance. Females have a dark red and white face mask while males have whiskers on the side and a top knot on their head.

Their body is bright green with a pair of dark lines running down their back.

On the front of the head they have a pair of large eyes accompanied by six smaller eyes elsewhere on the head.


These animals are insectivores. They will feed on small insects such as flies and moths. Some have been recorded taking down animals much larger than them such as damselflies.

They can ambush prey by jumping many times their body length.

This species has a painful bite as they can inject a venom when threatened. As yet no human deaths have been attributed this species. Always seek medical attention if bitten by a venomous animal.

green jumping spider

Scientific Name

Mopsus mormon

Conservation Status

Not Evaluated


1.2-1.8cm (0.5-0.7in)


1 years



-- AD --


Australia is the native home of the green jumping spider. Here they can be found across the north of the country in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory. They tend to live close to the coastline.


They can be found on plants where they will hunt. Ocassionally they will be found living in human buildings.

green jumping spider


Green jumping spiders create a nest for their egg sac on a leaf. Males and females will share a nest during the mating season. The male will establish a nest next to the female while she is a subadult and wait for her to molt and be ready to breed.

Females create a nest which is formed from woven sheets of silk built on the concave underside of a leaf. Females build one end where they lay the eggs and the male builds the other end.


This species is active during the day when they will hunt for food.

Males often interact aggressively towards one another if they are to meet.

green jumping spider

Predators and Threats

They likely face persecution from humans as a spider.

Quick facts

This species may also been known as the Northern green jumping spider.

green jumping spider

Photo Credits

Top and Bottom

By Graham Wise from Brisbane, Australia - Mopsus mormon, CC BY 2.0,

Middle One

By Graham Wise from Brisbane, Australia - Mopsus mormon, CC BY 2.0,

Middle Two

By Graham Wise from Brisbane, Australia - Mopsus mormon, CC BY 2.0,


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