Newborn Nyala Calf Melts Hearts at Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo

Newborn Nyala Calf

Melts Hearts at Scotland's

Edinburgh Zoo

Image: RZSS

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: January 24, 2023 8:45 pm

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo have shared the first images of a nyala calf born at the Scottish attraction earlier in January. Mother Arya and father Arnold welcomed their adorable calf in to the world on January 3rd 2022.

Vets at the attraction have conducted a check on the calf and were able to confirm that it is a female.

Keepers were tasked with naming the calf and have decided to call her Yara. They report that she has been growing in confidence since birth and can now be seen exploring her enclosure under the watchful eye of Arya.

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With the arrival of this calf Edinburgh Zoo are now home to a herd of four nyala with the fourth, Poppy having also been born at Edinburgh Zoo during 2018. Arya and Arnold came to Edinburgh Zoo during 2022 from the Newquay Zoo in England.

Lowland nyala are an antelope species found in woodlands of south-eastern Africa. Much of the population had disappeared due to habitat loss but they are beginning to bounce back as a result of conservation efforts.


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Our Favourite Nyala Fact!

In parts of their range the nyala is observed to have a symbiotic relationship with troops of baboons. Herds of nyala will follow the baboons and eat any fruits which they discard.

Image: RZSS

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