Quokka Joey Pops Out of the Pouch at Adelaide Zoo

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Date: March 11, 2022 8:30 pm

Quokka Joey Adelaide Zoo

A quokka joey is seen emerging from the pouch at Adelaide Zoo

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

A furry little face has popped out of the pouch at Adelaide Zoo. This week keepers got their first glimpse at a quokka joey born to mother Yiray late last year.

This joey would have spent the last five months developing in the safety of its mother pouch.

Senior Keeper Nature Theatre, Michelle Birkett, said it was very exciting moment for the team to see the little one appear.

“Yiray has definitely been eating for two, she has been getting into all the snacks!” she said.

“We’ve been waiting eagerly to see the joey come out to say hello and it finally happened at the start of this week so it was all very exciting.

“Yiray previously had a joey that didn’t survive, so it has been amazing to see her doing really well as a mum this time around.

This is the second year that Adelaide Zoo has welcomed a quokka joey as part of their breeding efforts for the species. Last year female Poppy welcomed her joey.

“With Poppy’s joey last year, the other Quokka girls acted like aunties and took turns looking after the little one, so we’re hoping they’ll all chip in to help Yiray this time,” finished Birkett.

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It is expected that within the next month the joey will be seen bounding out of the pouch within the quokka exhibit at the Variety Children’s Zoo.

Quokkas are among the world's smallest wallaby species.

Once found in a wide range across Australia the quokka has been reduced to just a small area of the mainland of Western Australia. The bulk of the population is now isolated on Rottnest Island which has become closely associated with the species.

They are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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Quokka Joey Adelaide Zoo
Quokka Joey Adelaide Zoo

A quokka joey has been born to mother Miray at Adelaide Zoo and has recently been seen popping out of the pouch

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

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