ZSL Celebrate Mother's Day at their Two Zoos

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Date: March 24, 2022 7:42 pm

Mother's Day at ZSL

Five-month-old two-toed sloth Terry shared a tender moment with mum, Marilyn, this week at ZSL London Zoo

Photo Credit: ZSL

The animal's at ZSLs two zoos are getting in the spirit of mother's day which is coming up this Sunday (March 26th 2022) in the United Kingdom.

ZSL operate London Zoo in the heart of the city and Whipsnade Zoo, the UK's largest located a short distance from the capital.

In London five month old two-toed sloth Terry has been enjoying some tender moments with mother Marilyn inside the Rainforest Life habitat - the only living rainforest in the city.

Terry was born on Sunday 24 October 2021, to parents Marilyn and Leander.  

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At ZSL Whipsnade Zoo Southern white rhinoceros Tuli was treated to a heart-shaped mother's day banquet with her calf Nandi. The seven month old calf was treated to their favorite treats of hay and pellets.

Team leader Mark Holden said: “Tuli has been an incredible mum to Nandi over the past seven months and it’s wonderful to be able to celebrate her, as well as mums everywhere.  


“Nandi is a very curious and boisterous calf, with loads of energy, so it must be a pretty tiring job for Tuli, keeping tabs on her all the time.  


“Hay and pellets may not be every mum’s dream breakfast, but for a rhino mum, this is the perfect start to the day. If she’s really lucky, Nandi will allow her a nice quiet day of grazing and maybe even

a nap!” 

Mother Tuli gave birth to the calf on August 21st 2021.

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Mother's Day at ZSL

Nandi the southern white rhinoceros calf at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo enjoys breakfast with mother Tuli

Photo Credit: ZSL

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