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Adelaide Zoo Throw Primate Party for International Orangutan Day


Cale Russell


August 19, 2023 10:00 pm


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Adelaide Zoo have thrown a primate party to mark International orangutan day. Resident Sumatran orangutans, Kluet and Puspa were provided tasty treats and decorated enrichment to celebrate the day.

Primate keeper Pij Olijnyk says the primate team loves the opportunity to celebrate Puspa and Kluet and share their connection to wild orangutans and the role that we can all play to help protect and preserve their habitat.

“One of the many things we love about Pupsa is her playful nature and eagerness to engage with her keepers.

“She will often initiate play sessions by throwing a sheet over her head and quietly hooting, coming close to keeper interaction areas to encourage tickling and play.

“Something people may not know about Puspa is she loves to paint, and one of her works is even on display as part of Zoos SA’s Paws for extinction SALA exhibition.

“Kluet is fascinated by technology and can manipulate a touch screen when held by one of his keepers, flicking through photos and watching videos of other orangutans and wild animals,” finished Pij.

Kluet stands out from female, Puspa with the long, matted fur and large cheek pads which develop as male individuals age.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) list this species as endangered in the wild. Just 7,000 individuals remain in the wild with estimates that they could be extinct in the wild within 10 years. Habitat loss, primarily for the production of palm oil is accelerating their decline.

Zoos South Australia works alongside sixteen other zoo-based conservation and wildlife organisations across Australia and New Zealand to drive the global transition to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

The mission of the Responsible Palm Oil Network is to work with Australasian manufacturers to move to using Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and to introduce clear palm oil labelling. Labelling will help consumers identify Certified Sustainable Palm Oil products and drive change through everyday purchases.

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Learn about the orangutans, the only species of great ape to live in Asia not Africa in our fact file.

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Our Favourite Sumatran Orangutan Fact!

Sumatran orangutans have been seen to use tools. To get termites they will strip leaves off a branch and reach this in to the termite mound to extract termites to eat.

Image: © Zoos SA

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