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AWC Secure Funding for Phascogale Translocation


The Animal Facts Editorial Team


February 23, 2023 11:59 am


Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary, New South Wales, Australia

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) have received funding from the New South Wales government which will support the translocation of the threatened red-tailed phascogale to Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary. This will continue the work of AWC to restore the species with previous reintroductions having occurred at Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary (WA), Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary (NT) and Mallee Cliffs National Park (NSW).

Red-tailed phascogales are small carnivorous marsupials which have disappeared from much of their range across Australia as a result of habitat loss, fragmentation and the introduction of predators such as foxes.

Up to 150 individuals will be translocated to Scotia Sanctuary from a breeding program at Zoos South Australia, which has ben operating since 2021. Previously these animals were used for the reintroduction to Mallee Cliffs National Park. It is hoped the translocation will occur in the next 18 months dependent on how long the breeding takes.

Dr Greg Holland, AWC Regional Ecologist, welcomed the awarding of the grant, saying the funds will have a positive impact on the future of the threatened species.

“This funding is great news for the Red-tailed Phascogale which has disappeared from much of its range across western, central and southern Australia over the last 100 years,” Dr Holland said. “The state government’s contribution will enable us to continue the captive breeding program at Zoos SA to provide animals for release at Scotia. It will also help fund necessary equipment and teams of scientists to monitor animals after their release into the feral predator-free area.”

This translocation will provide a second population for the red-tailed phascogale in New South Wales. The species was brought back from extinction in November 2021 through the reintroduction at Mallee Cliffs National Park by AWC and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

At Scotia wildlife sanctuary they will join a number of other threatened species such as the Greater Bilby, Numbat, Bridled Nailtail Wallaby and Burrowing Bettong which are thriving inside the 8,000-hectare feral predator-free area.

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Our Favourite Red-Tailed Phascogale Fact!

Male red-tailed phascogales will use so much energy during their first mating season working to produce the next generation that they often pass away at the end of it.

Image: Laurence Berry-Australian Wildlife Conservancy

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