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Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park opened in 1967. It is owned by the State Government of South Australia and operated by their National Parks service.

The park is best known for its koala holding experience.


The site on which Cleland Wildlife Park is situated was planned for a number of uses over the year’s. These included a housing estate, tobacco crops and a housing estate. Professor John Burton Cleland chipped away at the government for 20 years working to get this tract of land made in to a national park.

Cleland Wildlife Park was opened on April 16th 1967.

In 2005 the park opened the Oceans to Outback interperative centre.

In November 2017 a new masterplan was announced that would see a cable car to the Adelaide CBD, a hotel, zipline, retail village and new animal enclosures built at the park. The plan was announced by the former government who did not win re-election the following year and as such it is unclear if the plan will still continue.

In 2018 the park added a butterfly enclosure.



South Australia, Australia

Year Opened


Land Size

35ha (86.5acres)

Number of Species



Koala Encounter’s

The main attraction at Cleland Wildlife Park is the ability to interact with a koala. Experience’s are offered to either pat or hold these animal’s under the supervision of a keeper.

Main Exhibits

Ocean to Outback Interpretive Centre

This centre houses the species which make their home in the four distinct South Australian environments – coasts and islands, arid ranges, deserts and backyards. Species on display include snakes, lizards, frogs, hopping mice and bilbies.

Robin’s Loft

This enclosure is one of the main koala enclosure’s where you can see many of these cuddly marsupial’s.


The park has a large wetland area. This is home to a variety of native waterbirds including ibis, geese, ducks and the Australian pelican.

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