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Gorge Wildlife Park

The Gorge Wildlife Park is located in Cudlee Creek, South Australia. It has been operating since 1965 and is still owned by the same family.


The Gorge Wildlife Park opened in 1965 and is still operated by the same family.

Exhibits at the park are continuously upgraded with two to three new enclosures added each year.

In 2019 they completed their largest habitat for a group of black-handed spider monkey's. It is an open topped habitat viewed across a moat.

Gorge Wildlife Park


Cudlee Creek,

South Australia, Australia

Year Opened


Land Size

5.7ha (14acres)

Star Animals

Black Leopard

Gorge Wildlife Park was home to the last leopard in Australia. This black leopard was hand-raised at the park. She passed away during 2017 and the exhibit now houses a serval.


Koala Holding

The park is most famous for being one of the few place's where you can hold a koala.


Once a month the Gorge Wildlife Park hosts there unleashed session where they bring out a range of friendly animal's with which guests can interact.

Main Exhibits

Reptile House

The reptile house is home to range of reptiles from Australia and around the world. You can see boa constrictorsgreen iguanasgila monsters, bearded dragons and blue tongues. There are also invertebrates such as scorpions, fish and mammals such as squirrel gliders and spinifex hopping mice.

Nocturnal House

Ghost bats and bilbies roam in one exhibit in the nocturnal house.

Kangaroo walkthrough

The kangaroo walkthrough allows visitors to get up close to red and grey kangaroos. You can even feed them.

Wallaby walkthrough

Roam amongst the bennet’s and swamp wallabies in this expansive paddock where you have the opportunity to feed them.

Spider Monkey Island

Completed in 2019 this large habitat features a range of trees and climbing structures for the group of spider monkeys to explore. Viewing is across a moat though a bridge across this allows the monkeys to access an indoor house where they can be viewed up close.


Gorge Wildlife Park Website -

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