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Date: October 28, 2022 7:55 pm

Guests visiting Monarto Safari Park will be able to get within a tail length of one of Australia's largest ring-tailed lemur troops when the Land of the Lemurs experience launches on November 14th. Ticket sales began today on world lemur day.

Director of Monarto Safari Park, Peter Clark, said “Land of the Lemurs has been years in the making, so it is a very significant milestone and we are extremely excited to launch on World Lemur Day."

“Our Zu-loop bus will not venture past the lemurs, so Land of the Lemurs is your exclusive experience to mingle with the troop.

Guests visiting South Australia's Monarto Safari Park will be able to take a guided tour to the 3.5 hectare lemur habitat to walk among the lemur family. They will also visit the Tortoise research facility where radiated and Aldabra giant tortoises enjoy their life in the slow lane.

The troop is made up of 11 adults and four pups which have been born at Monarto Safari Park since the troop arrived.

The ring-tailed lemur is listed as an endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the radiated tortoise is listed as critically endangered. Animals on Madagascar continue to be threatened by habitat loss and poaching.

Each ticket to enter the Land of the Lemurs will help to support conservation work in Madagascar.

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Land of the Lemurs is the first experience to open at Monarto Safari Park as part of the Wild Africa expansion as Clark explained, “Not only will it be an amazing way for our visitors to get up-close with a new species at Monarto Safari Park, but it is also the first experience to open in our Wild Africa precinct.''

Wild Africa is the large scale expansion of Monarto Safari Park with future stages to include habitats for roaming herds of giraffe, antelope and zebra alongside two hippos set to arrive at the zoo next year. It will also include overnight accommodation and new safari experiences. Further stages of Wild Africa are planned to open during 2023.

Other projects completed at the park this year include the opening of a new visitor centre and an expanded black rhinoceros habitat.

Our Favourite Ring-Tailed Lemur Fact

Ring-tailed lemurs come from a unique branch of the primate family tree known as the prosimians and are not considered to be a monkey or an ape.

Ring-tailed Lemur

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