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Potter Park Zoo Hatch Magellanic Penguin Chick


Cale Russell


September 3, 2023 7:48 pm


Lansing, Michigan, The United States

Potter Park Zoo celebrated the successful hatching of a magellanic penguin chick on July 6th 2023. Parents Skipper and Jayde successfully incubated their new born before it successfully hatched. The dedicated parents took turns to provide it with warmth and protection through the difficult incubation period.

“The arrival of this Magellanic penguin chick is a testament to our dedication to conservation at Potter Park Zoo. We’re very happy to see the strong bonds forming between the chick and its parents, as well as the unwavering commitment of our animal care team,” said Potter Park Zoo’s Animal Care Supervisor Pat Fountain

Now that the chick has hatched it is reliant on regurgitated food provided by its parents. At hatching the chick weighed a meagre 69 grams but after consuming this food it has grown to an impressive 2kg.

“The male chick is growing in size and appears healthy,” explains Dr. Ronan Eustace, Director of Animal Health at Potter Park Zoo.

At present the chick is housed in an off display area. It is being cared for by keepers and its parents. Its next major milestone will be to grow in its adult feathers. and officially become a fledgling. Once it has achieved a number of milestones it will be ready to go on exhibit and meet the public.

Guests may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse before his official debut when he is enjoying some sun time. PPZ staff have been taking the chick outside where it can obtain some Vitamin D. These outings occur at random times throughout the day.

Magellanic penguins are native to South America. Classified as endangered they are threatened by a range of human and environmental challenges. Conservation efforts such as those at Potter Park Zoo are vital to the survival of this species.

Magellanic penguin Chick at Potter Park Zoo

A magellanic penguin chick was born on July 6th 2023 at Potter Park Zoo and is currently under the care of parents Jayde and Skipper. Image: © Potter Park Zoo

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Our Favourite Magellanic Penguin Fact!

Magellanic Penguins are well equipped for a life in the ocean. During dives they remain submerged for up to 90 seconds. A special gland next to the eyes will excrete salt from the water which they consume.

Image: © Potter Park Zoo

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