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SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium Breed Weedy Sea Dragons


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March 27, 2023 11:20 pm


SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne, Australia

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium are celebrating success in their breeding program for the weedy seadragon which helps to reduce pressure on the wild population of this iconic species. With 50 fry hatching this is the largest clutch ever welcomed at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium.

Breeding of the weedy sea dragon is a rare feat for aquariums across the globe. Unfortunately most stock their tanks with individuals taken from the wild. With this large breeding success SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium will be in a position to supply a number of overseas SEA LIFE aquariums and help them introduce this spectacular species.

Tereza Todd, Department Lead at SEA LIFE Melbourne, said, “Habitat loss has been a key issue for this species. Due to limited research it’s hard to estimate the exact number of weedy sea dragons in the wild hence the importance of captive breeding programs to discover more about and ensure the long-term survival of the species.”


“We are thrilled with this year’s numbers and look forward to sharing our success with other aquariums around the world later in the year”  

At present the juvenile weedy sea dragons are growing in an off display area and will be ready to go on display in a few months time.

Weedy sea dragons are the faunal emblem of Victoria. Found in specialized habitats off Australia's southern coast their habitat at the aquarium was specially crafted to mimic natural seasons and environments to increase the chances of a successful breeding. Aquarists work carefully on water flow, filtration and lighting.

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SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium Breed Weedy Sea Dragons

Our Favourite Weedy Sea Dragon Fact!

Also known as the common seadragon this species is closely related to the more widely known sea horses. Unlike a male seahorse which has a pouch in which to carry its young this species will carry its eggs on the underside of the tail.

Image: © SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

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