Image: © Scott Brown/ Taronga Zoo Sydney

Squirrel Monkey Troop Ready for Mother's Day at Taronga Zoo


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May 13, 2023 1:00 am


Taronga Zoo, New South Wales, Australia

Eight infant squirrel monkeys have joined the troop at Taronga Zoo Sydney. The zoo have introduced the new arrivals ahead of mother's day this Sunday.

The zoo's 26 strong squirrel monkey troop have been demonstrating how it takes a village to raise an infant through their unique parenting style. Squirrel monkeys use a social structure known as allo-parenting in which individuals other than the biological parents contribute to the care of the infant.

In a squirrel monkey troop it is not just other mothers that help. Siblings, aunties and non-breeding members of the troop may all assist the mother in caring for her young.

Through the use of this structure the young are given the care and attention they require while strengthening the bonds of the family.

At Taronga Zoo Sydney guests can meet the squirrel monkey troop at the top of the zoo between the koala walkabout and the Institute of Science and Learning. With their new arrivals the troop is a flurry of activity.

Bolivian squirrel monkeys are an arboreal primate species which can be found in Central and South America.

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Black-capped squirrel monkeys have some of the largest troops of any monkey species. These may include as many as 100 individuals but on average include between 40 and 50 individuals.

Image: © Scott Brown/ Taronga Zoo Sydney

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