Enjoy Breakfast with the Adorable Red Pandas at Taronga Zoo


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July 7, 2023 4:55 pm


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Taronga Zoo Sydney have shared adorable vision of their red panda family as they shared breakfast at the Australian attraction. Each morning the four red pandas which call the zoo home are treated to specially formulated panda bars and the group were all smiles as they enjoyed the treats.

The panda bars make up their main feed each morning. They are specially formulated to deliver the nutrition the pandas require by an onsite team at Taronga Zoo Sydney. These include panda mash and water, they are then formed in to the perfect shape for the wrists. Throughout the day they are also provided with a range of fruits and bamboo.

Four red pandas call Taronga home with adult pair Amala and Pabu and female twins Daiyu and Zeya. Each panda has a unique personality.

Daiyu and Zeya were born 17 months ago. In a release the zoo described their personalities, ''Zeya which means success and is of Burmese origin is incredibly confident and loves interacting with keepers, however, she sometimes pushes the patience of her dad when she tries to steal his fruit. The second cub Daiyu which means 'black jade', and is of Chinese origin, is a little shyer but continues to grow in confidence every day and has an incredible relationship with her keepers.''

Unfortunately the red panda is endangered with fewer than 10,000 remaining in the wild. Threats to their survival include habitat loss, fragmentation and poaching.

Guests looking to meet the red pandas are advised to visit early in the morning for breakfast or later in the day.

Red Panda Breakfast at Taronga Zoo Sydney

A red panda enjoys a panda bar for breakfast in its enclosure at Taronga Zoo Sydney. Image: © Taronga Zoo Sydney

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Our Favourite Red Panda Fact!

Red pandas have a coating of wooly fur on the soles of their feet that helps them not to slip on wet tree branches and also helps to keep their feet warm.

Image: © Taronga Zoo Sydney

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