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Monarto Safari Park Cheetah Cubs Need Names


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July 14, 2023 7:09 pm


South Australia, Australia

Monarto Safari Park have shared images of their four cheetah cubs stepping out in to their habitat for the first time. With these four cubs coming in to view guests may now see seven cubs on their visit.

This week mother Kushi led her four cubs from the safety of the off-display yard where they have lived since birth and out in to the big wide world. One cub was keen to explore but the other three were a little more hesitant taking their time to step out. Despite their initial caution the cubs were quick to start exploring the new smells, rocks and trees while keeping close to attentive mum.

Keeper Michelle Lloyd says Kuishi’s cubs are coming up to weaning off milk and are developing unique personalities.

“The two boys are more relaxed and chilled as male Cheetahs tend to be as they live in a small group called a ‘coalition’ as adults,” she said. “The larger girl is a bit feistier and the smaller girl is like mum in that she’s a little standoffish and cautious.”

Monarto have had a bumper year with the breeding of cheetah. Seven cubs now call the zoo home and they are seeking assistance to name six of these. A selection of Swahili names have been assembled and votes are now being accepted on them through the Zoos SA website - Cheetah Naming Vote.

“As Africa’s most endangered big cat, it is an incredibly special opportunity to be able to see two litters of Cheetah cubs here at Monarto Safari Park,” said Michelle Lloyd.

Visitors to the attraction may spot the cubs from the zu-loop bus or cheetah platform.

Cheetah are threatened by habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade making breeding programs like those at Monarto Safari Park important to their survival.

In the last century cheetah numbers have been reduced by 90%. Zoos SA partner with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to support on the ground conservation work for the cheetah.

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