WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Animals Enjoy Watermelon Treats


Cale Russell


August 3, 2023 11:35 am


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo have shared images of their animals enjoying some watermelon treats for National Watermelon Day celebrated on August 3rd 2023.

Renee Howell, Supervisor at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, shared, “Hooray for watermelon! Here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, we love watermelon! We’re big purchasers of the delectable fruit as many of the animals enjoy watermelon as part of their daily diet. It’s crunchy, hydrating and a fun new texture for animals to try.


“To celebrate National Watermelon Day, we captured some of our animals (and keepers) digging into their favourite snack!”

First in to the treats was the zoo's number one watermelon fan, Kofi the goodfellow's tree kangaroo. Alongside keeper Renee the magnificent marsupial enjoyed his refreshing afternoon snack of watermelon.

Keeper Mikaela treated three of her charges, shingleback skinks - Speckles, Tommy and Flash to some of juicy delight with carefully prepared servings cut in to a range of shapes for the lizards.

Despite their fearsome reputation as the world's most dangerous bird Princess the southern cassowary is more fond of fruit than humans and was happy to tuck in to some of the sweet treat.

"People and animals have been digging into this tasty, juicy fruit for millennia and it all started in Ancient Egypt. So, it’s only fair that WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo keepers we’re getting involved in the fruity fiesta!’’ added Renee.

World Watermelon Day at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

A double-headed or shingleback lizard enjoys some watermelon in its enclosure at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo to mark national watermelon day. Image: © WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

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Our Favourite Shingleback Fact!

The tail and head of the shingleback share a similar appearance which may help to distract predators which go to attack them. These animals are known by a wide range of names many of which are inspired by this ‘double headed’ appearance such as the double-headed lizard, stump-tail skink and bobtail.

Image: © WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

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