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Image: Ron Magill/Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami Welcome North American River Otter Pups

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Date: February 9, 2023 8:49 am

Zoo Miami welcomed a litter of three North American River Otter pups on February 6 2023 at their Florida: Mission Everglades habitat. Five year old female, Zinnia and seven year male, Edison are the proud parents of the new arrivals. This is the second litter for the pair.

The new arrivals underwent their neonatal exam soon after birth where vets and keepers were able to check on their overall physical health, get their weight and determine the genders of the litter. The new arrivals are one female and two males. In the photo above the two males are held with blue gloves and the female by pink gloves.

Born after pregnancy of two months the new arrivals will spend the next while bonding with their mother in the secluded den where they were born. Father Edison has been separated from the new family mimicking the wild behaviour of this species where the father is not involved in the care of the young.

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Zinnia has lived at Zoo Miami since April 2019 when she made the move from Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island where she had been born. Edison has called Zoo Miami home since October 2016 following his rescue by a group by Wild Florida. He was orphaned by a pup and required hand-rearing by the group.

North American river otters were extensively hunted in the past for their fur but today they are threatened by pollution and habitat loss within the rivers which they rely on. This species is perfectly built for life in the water with a slender body, long, powerful tail and webbed feet. They are able to remain underwater for several minutes.

Also known as the Canadian otter this species can be found in a number of fresh water habitats throughout the United States and Canada,

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Our Favourite River Otter Fact!

The fur of the North American river otter is designed to keep them warm in the water. A thick dense underlayer rests below coarse guard hairs which help to repel the water.

Image: Ron Magill/Zoo Miami

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